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For all those looking to reconnect with the motherland. Aventura, Amor y Tacos will take you through the journey of what it means to be "De Aquí y De Allá" realizing many of our desires to leave America and return to the motherland.

Book by
Maira Hernández 

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Hola! I'm Maira!

Award-winning author, photographer, and self-proclaimed aventurera.


I help people reconnect with their raíces to use the lessons from their cultural heritage to thrive in empowerment.​

I believe that we all hold the wisdom to help us live a joyful and empowered life, some of  us have just lost sight of it in the hustle and bustle of an American career and lifestyle.


With travel, storytelling, cooking (or eating) and dancing we can reconnect with the joy that so many of our ancestors lived with and bring it to our communities.


Juggling multiple identities is never easy. But knowing how to dance with them all can be fun! It takes a lot of unlearning of the American expectations and re-learning more of our ancestral heritage to be able to tie everything together and create a more powerful identity. Join me on this journey!

Rediscover your Raíces

By diving into the wisdom of your cultural heritage and understanding your unique identity, you'll unveil four key areas of growth to create a life of greater purpose.

Reclaim your Identity

How to understand your bicultural identity in a powerful way so that you don't feel pulled in different directions

Enrich your Life

Connect with traditions, relatives, & the land your family originated from so you feel balanced in life and connected to what matters to you

Find your Courage

Understand importance of your family’s journey so you understand where your courage, strength and faith in your dreams comes from

Be a Good Ancestor

Prepare to be a good ancestor to the next generation so that you pass down your strength and courage to your family

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Experience the joy of reconnecting with your roots. Start your journey through the pages of these books.

Learn what is possible and how to get started.

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