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About Me

Hola, I’m Maira!


Award-winning author, photographer, and self-proclaimed aventurera.


I help people reconnect with their raíces to use the lessons from their cultural heritage to empower themselves to be badass individuals.

Straddling the best of both worlds from bailes in the rancho, to meetings in the board room, and creative pursuits to live a more balanced life!

I believe that we all hold the wisdom to help us live a joyful and empowered life, some of  us have just lost sight of it in the hustle and bustle of assimilating to an American career and lifestyle. With travel, storytelling, cooking (or eating) and dancing we can reconnect with the joy that so many of our ancestors lived with and bring it to our  communities.


Being stuck between two cultures is hard, but knowing how to dance with both can be fun! It takes a lot of unlearning of the American culture and re-learning more of  our ancestral heritage to be able to tie the two and create a more powerful identity. Join me on this journey!




Stories From the Motherland

Aventura, Amor y Tacos

In Aventura, Amor y Tacos: The Path to Reconnecting with the Motherland, Maira Hernández traveled to her motherland in Michoacán, México to spend several months with her abuelos in the ranchos her parents were raised in to reconnect to the life they had left behind.

Aventura, amor y Tacos.png

Winner of the 2020

Best Latina Themed Book



Recommend! Awesome read that keeps you wanting to flip the page for what’s next. But also makes you stop reminisce and help but wonder what does this all mean for me. Aventura, Amor y Tacos highlights the beauty in the ‘what can be’ and the significance to allow ourselves the opportunity to take our own self-discovery journey. One that might not be easy, doing so requires you to be ready to return to your past and find a new sense of appreciation of where you come from. You cannot become without honoring all the past versions that have brought you to your now. These past versions that are all deeply intertwined with years of history of your culture, family, upbringing and so much more.

— Ruby, Amazon Review

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