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It's in the Buenos Días...

Over the last couple of months I’ve had the desire to slow down and disconnect. I’ve been flying back and forth, enjoying my travels to and from México and in the midst of it all, I lost the beauty of stillness. When my mind is racing I’m reminded of my time in the rancho with my abuelos, no internet, no cell service, no social media, just stillness— just me and my abuelos, the little birds chirping, the warmth of the sunlight, and a good book.

Today as I turned on my computer to work I noticed the picture of my abuelos that I have as a screensaver. I see it everyday, but today I paused and took a minute to actually see it.

As I stared at the picture a “Buenos Días” flowed so naturally, like it did every morning in the times that I lived with them.

I pictured myself walking to my Abuela’s kitchen after waking up this morning...

“Buenos Días Mamila, como amaneció?”

“Buenos Días Mija, amanecí bien. Y tú? Como dormiste?”

“Dormí bien. Y Papá Cheque? Si durmió anoche?”

“Si el descanso toda la noche”

I pictured myself walking to his room bringing him breakfast...

“Buenos Días Papá Cheque, como amaneció? Si durmió bien? Aquí le traje su desayuno”

“Buenos Días Mija, si si dormí bien. Gracias mija.”

So this morning, instead of diving straight into work, I took some time to make myself some canela just like I would in my Abuela’s kitchen and enjoyed every minute of that cup of tea, in the stillness of beautiful memories.

I miss them dearly... but I know they are resting well and watching over me reminding me of the important moments in life.

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