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Aventura, Amor y Tacos

In Aventura, Amor y Tacos: The Path to Reconnecting with the Motherland, Maira Hernández traveled to her motherland in Michoacán, México to spend several months with her abuelos in the ranchos her parents were raised in to reconnect to the life they had left behind.

The RAICES Society

The RAICES Society is a community exploring their heritage by reconnecting with the wisdom of their motherland through stories of our elders, recipes, memories, pictures and conversations with those who relate to holding a dual identity.

The RAICES Travel

The RAICES Travel is an Immersion experience in the motherland. From home cooked meals, loving tías, hilarious friends, and nature filled experience. You will get immersed in the small town Rancho Life experience with a bit of tourism during a fiesta!

Coming Soon!
Cultural Empowerment

Growing up in America as a Child of Immigrants is a unique experience feeling always feeling like we are never good enough, when in reality we are more than good enough. Cultural Empowerment Coaching focuses on rediscovering that greatness we have inherited by exploring our heritage. 


Traveling through México you bare witness to the beautiful colors that surround you, the nature filled life, and most importantly the beautiful people. Come explore México with me through the lens of my camera!

RAICES Recuerdos

There's nothing like walking into work wearing your huanengo, proudly wearing the vibrant embroidered flowers on your shirt. An expression of where you come from, mixed with your slacks and stiletto pumps showing how much of a professional you truly are but with a cultural flare. 

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